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What is a dust seal

Update:18 Dec 2017

Oil seal can be used as a dust seal. However, when the […]

Oil seal can be used as a dust seal. However, when the dust is severe or to protect other seals, special dust seals are often used.
Dust-proof materials, hydraulic machinery and more rubber, pneumatic machinery and more with felt, aircraft and bore the work of the cylinder in order to deal with the external freezing piston rod with metal, chemical parts to prevent sticking on the piston rod also used metal.
Dust sealing is very important for the protection of pivotal hydraulic equipment. Penetration of dust, not only wear seals, but also greatly wear guide sleeve and piston rod. In addition, the entry of impurities into the hydraulic medium can also affect the function of the control valve and the pump and, in the worst case, damage to these devices. The dust ring can remove the dust and debris on the surface of the piston rod, but the oil film on the piston rod is damaged, which also plays a role in the lubrication of the seal.

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