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Sheet metal processing methods

Update:04 Jul 2017

     In the field of metal sheet cutting, from the micr […]

     In the field of metal sheet cutting, from the micron-level thin plate to dozens of millimeters of thick plate, the laser can be perfect and effective cutting. In a sense, laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing has brought a major technological revolution. Compared with the traditional cutting method, laser cutting machine is easier to understand, easy to learn, and in the business needs of the processing effect, speed has an absolute advantage, so I believe in the future of cutting options, laser cutting machine is the trend.
    The material is quickly heated to the gasification temperature by evaporation of the high-power and high-density laser beam, and the pores are formed by evaporation. As the light beam moves toward the material, the holes are formed in a narrow width (for example, about 0.1 mm) Slit, finish cutting the material - this is laser cutting (LaserCutting). As a result, laser technology widely penetrated into the metal processing, steel, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other processing industries.
Application of Laser Cutting Technology in Sheet Metal Processing
    First, the laser can focus on a very small spot, can be fine and precision machining, such as micro slits and micro-hole processing. Secondly, the laser can cut almost all the materials, including thin metal plate two-dimensional cutting or three-dimensional cutting. Finally, laser processing without tools, are non-contact processing, no mechanical deformation.
   Therefore, with high efficiency, high energy and high flexibility of laser cutting technology, whether it is from the accuracy, speed or efficiency, are the choice of sheet metal processing industry. Some of the traditional difficult to cut or cut the quality of the plate is not high, after the laser cutting, the problem can be described as solved, especially some carbon steel processing, laser cutting is not able to shake the status.