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Seals Precautions

Update:25 Jul 2017

     1, design trench before learning to read the serie […]

     1, design trench before learning to read the series of product description, distinguish the product is the use of the overall slot or split tank; installation of the seal process should pay attention to avoid the sharp side, hole with the seal into the overall slot must with the installation of tools; designers should consider the good groove size accuracy, surface roughness, extrusion gap and other parameters, please refer to the product instructions, illustrations and size tables.
     2, before the installation of seals must ensure that there is no impurities in the seal groove and cracks, respectively, in the sealing groove and seal the surface coated with operating oil; in accordance with the order of the gradual installation of seals; installation process to avoid the sharp edge, righting seals, To avoid distortion and skew; if the split slot, and finally tighten the lid.