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Sealing performance depends on the efficiency and performance of the entire machinery and equipment

Update:28 Jun 2017

    Because the material, such as rubber, glass, metal, […]

    Because the material, such as rubber, glass, metal, alloy corrosion defects, it is difficult to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and chemical coexistence of the environment, the resulting loss is very alarming. And PTFE materials with its excellent corrosion resistance, has become the main oil, chemical, textile and other industries corrosion-resistant materials. The specific applications include: transport corrosive gas pipeline, exhaust pipe, steam pipe, steel mill high pressure tubing, aircraft hydraulic system and cold pressing high and low pressure pipeline system, distillation tower, heat exchanger, kettle, tower, tank, lining valve And other chemical equipment.
    Sealing performance depends on the efficiency and performance of the entire machinery and equipment have a great impact. Polytetrafluoroethylene material has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low coefficient of friction and viscosity, wide range of heat resistance, elasticity makes it very suitable for use in the manufacture of seals that require high corrosion resistance and temperatures above 100 ° C. Such as machine, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, large diameter flange sealed container, valve, channel pump, glass reactor, flat flange, large diameter flange seal, shaft, piston rod, stem, worm gear pump, piston Rod seal, etc.
    Due to unfavorable friction part of the equipment lubrication, such as grease can be dissolved and failed in the case of solvent or paper, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other industrial products in the field need to avoid oil, so that filled with PTFE material into mechanical parts Oil is lubricated (direct load) in the best material. This is due to the fact that the coefficient of friction is the lowest of the known material in the material. The specific purpose includes chemical equipment, paper machinery, agricultural machinery bearings, for piston rings, machine guide rails, guide rings; in civil engineering is widely used as bridges, tunnels, steel roof structure, bearing large chemical pipes, Used as a bridge bearing and reduced rotation.
     PTFE gasket is a new type of sealing products, is a breakthrough in the field of new technology in the field of sealing, PTFE gasket changed the traditional use of static seal, is a new concept of high-quality practical seal Belt, is a broad sense of the full range of functional sealing products. Polytetrafluoroethylene gasket, with its excellent performance, to replace the Teflon sealing tape and other sealing material sealing tape, more and more by the various types of sealing industry welcome and widely used. Teflon gasket can effectively eliminate all kinds of machinery and equipment, fuel tank cover, cylinder end cover, gear box cover, all kinds of pipe flanges, devices, storage containers, towers, tanks, especially non-metallic And other industrial production facilities leakage, strengthen the sealing efficiency, is the industrial production enterprises and related industries to solve the gas, liquid media "run, run, drop, drain", an effective tool for radical leakage.