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Sealed industry computer network and information technology development

Update:26 Jul 2017

   ① internal network, information technology    China' […]

   ① internal network, information technology
   China's rapid development of some of the seal production enterprises in enterprise resource management (ERP) applications have been catching up with international standards, some key enterprises have adopted ERP. Qingdao Keppe Seal Company in the application of ERP on the basis of further implementation of the "seal product life of the whole process of management" technology secondary development of software, and continuously enhance the level of enterprise information.
   ② network technology for the traditional seal industry to bring new weather
   Many seal companies have established their own websites / web pages, expand their own publicity, and promote communication between enterprises. User-friendly website design, allows visitors to easily understand the enterprise and its product information; enterprises through the network can obtain relevant information at home and abroad, effectively change the situation of foreign exchange difficulties in the past, effectively promoted the technological progress of the industry; Development of various stages of development planning, through the government network, you can understand the government-related macroeconomic policies, industry trends and so on. The rapid acquisition of these information depends on the continuous development of information technology, many advanced production technology and new material information can be transmitted through the network in a timely manner.
   ③ e-commerce to bring new business opportunities
   With the online payment, network security and logistics and other issues have been gradually resolved in the near future, e-commerce will bring new business profit growth point. At home and  abroad have a lot of seal companies look at this opportunity, have opened stores on the Internet, the traditional seal sales will face new challenges.