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Seal the main seal to withstand the high pressure of the system should be characteristic

Update:09 Oct 2017

   By analyzing the hydraulic system, the main seal is […]

   By analyzing the hydraulic system, the main seal is subjected to the system high pressure and should have the following characteristics:
(1) high pressure, the sealing material should have high mechanical strength.
(2) low friction wear, the seal material should have a lower coefficient of friction and mechanical seal high wear resistance, the seal design to ensure that its mechanical seal in a better lubrication conditions work.
(3) oil return ability, to ensure that out of the oil film in the back to the back of the system, to achieve dynamic balance, to prevent the formation of back pressure.
(4) pressure relief function, that is, the seal has a one-way valve function, the system pressure is low or down to zero, if the back pressure can be formed immediately down to prevent the emergence of trapped oil phenomenon.
The secondary seal is sealed as a second seal, which is subjected to low or no pressure, and the main function is to block the oil film through the main seal to achieve zero leakage.
The secondary seal shall have the following characteristics:
(1) low pressure sealing performance.
(2) low friction friction wear.
(3) can withstand the system for a short time, that is, in the harsh conditions to form a back pressure, but also reliable work.