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Seal device

Update:25 Sep 2017

   Device approach with the mechanical seal type, the t […]

   Device approach with the mechanical seal type, the type of machine is not the same and different, but the device is simply the same way, the device process and precautions are as follows:
   (1) determination of the scale of the device
   The device should be used in accordance with the instructions or samples of the product to ensure that the mechanical seal of the device scale.
   (2) before loading, shaft (bushings), gland should be no burr, bearing in good condition; seals, shaft, sealed chamber, gland should be clean and clean. In order to reduce the resistance of the conflict, the mechanical parts of the shaft device should be thinly coated with a layer of oil for smooth, taking into account the compatibility of rubber O-ring, if not oil, can be coated with soap and water. Floating static ring without anti-dumping of the structure, not oil, should be dry into the gland.
   (3) Install the static ring together with the gland on the shaft, be careful not to touch the shaft, and then load the moving ring assembly. The tension screw of the torsion seat or drive stand should be tightened evenly in several times.
   Before the gland is not fixed, with the hand to push the ring for axial compression, release the ring after the ring can automatically bounce back no hysteresis, and then tighten the gland bolts.