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Precautions for mechanical seals

Update:02 Aug 2017

   1. The sealing line must be unblocked, and dry frict […]

   1. The sealing line must be unblocked, and dry friction is strictly forbidden.
   2, the static ring gland should have enough strength, installation screws evenly to ensure that the end of the vertical axis.
   3, the use of more than 80 degrees of temperature should be forced circulation way to seal cooling.
   4, static pressure test, to observe whether there is leakage.
   5, after the installation of the hand pressing ring, should be flexible and have certain elasticity; manual turning, should operate freely.
   6, installation of the spindle radial seal beating should be less than or equal to 0.04mm (0.06mm), axial runout is less than or equal to 0.3mm, and according to the requirements of the drawing processing shaft and a static ring seat corresponding position.
   7, boot test run, pay attention to whether or not abnormal audio.
   8, the installation is strictly prohibited collision, brutal beat, the friction surface should be absolutely clean.
   9, seal cavity, shaft, mechanical seal parts should be cleaned, no pollution, bump, scratch, extraordinary to prevent impurities and dust particles into the sealed cavity.