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Precautions for car tightness inspection

Update:18 Jul 2017

    In the repair of the car, should pay attention to t […]

    In the repair of the car, should pay attention to the car sealing inspection, mainly should pay attention to the following points:
    When repairing the door
    When restoring the door with a sealed flange, a balanced mechanical seal shall be noted to repair the damaged sealing flange and accurately restore the shape of the original flange. After repairing the engine, water pump and mechanical seal door, check the tightness.
    Check method is: put a piece of hard paper in the sealed position, close the door, and then pull the paper, according to the size of the tension to determine whether the seal is good. If the required pump mechanical seal disc pulling force is too large that seal tight, it will affect the normal closed door, and may also make the seal due to excessive deformation of surface quickly lost in sealing performance;
    The force needed to pull the paper is too small, which means that the seal is bad, and the windshield will not stand in the rain. In the replacement of the door must pay attention to apply folding glue in the inner and outer plate flanging occlusal car door, and some left in the small hole with stamping process base tape block.
   When repairing car lines
    In the repair of the automobile line, all the body holes and holes should be put in the sealing ring of the wiring harness, because the sealing ring not only acts as a seal, but also acts as a protective wire harness. If the sealing ring has been damaged or the wiring harness can be turned or moved in the sealing ring, the sealing ring shall be replaced, and it will be firmly assembled with the body hole and hole, and the wiring harness will be firmly secured.
     When repairing the window
     When the window glass is damaged, replace the glass with the same curvature as the original window glass, and check the glass guide groove and the sealing strip for damage. As the window is repaired, it often does not return to its original shape. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled up or lifted, the tightness of the window glass around the window is also noted.
    When repairing the roof
    In the roof, the roof should be first in the surrounding pressure place is coated with a layer of conductive sealant to be welded and then painted over in the water tank and hemming adhesive joints, which not only helps to seal the body, it can prevent the body from water and produce early flanging weld corrosion. When assembling the door to the window below the inner door panel is pasted on a whole sealing isolation film, sealing isolation film if no molding, can be used to replace ordinary plastic paper, and then the sealing film paste compaction, and finally to trim production assembly.
    When replacing the body
    In the replacement of the entire body, but should be completed in each of these items, but also in the lap part of the weld and the solder joints are coated with a layer of sealant, adhesive layer thickness should be about 1mm, and not a virtual layer viscosity, bubbles and other defects; at the hem should be coated with special hemming adhesive; the whole floor surface and the front wheel housing should be elastic coating and anticorrosive coating of 3mm-4mm surface to paste; vertical noise insulation, vibration damping plate surface and the front surface of the film on the floor, and then covered with insulation blocks, finally put on the carpet or mounted on the floor decoration. These measures can not only greatly enhance the sealing of the vehicle and slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also greatly improve ride comfort.