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Oil seal structure

Update:11 Dec 2017

1) Bonding structure this structure is characterized by […]

1) Bonding structure this structure is characterized by the rubber sector and the metal skeleton can be processed separately, and then glued together to become exposed skeleton type, manufacturing simple, cheap and other advantages. The United States, Japan and other countries to use more of this structure.
2) Assembly structure It is the rubber lip, the metal frame and the spring assembly of the three assembled to form the oil seal. It must have inside and outside the skeleton, and the rubber lip clamp. There is usually a bezel to prevent the spring from escaping.
3) rubber bag skeleton structure It is a good stamping metal skeleton wrapped in rubber, as the package-type, its manufacturing process slightly more complicated. But the stiffness is good, easy to assemble, and less demanding steel plate material.
4) All oil seal this oil seal without skeleton, and some even without spring, the overall molding by the rubber. It is characterized by poor stiffness, easy to produce plastic deformation. But it can be used incision, which is the only type that can not be loaded from the shaft end but must be oil-sealed.