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O-ring seal failure forms and causes

Update:06 Nov 2017

1 Seal failure: the main seal there is a slight leakage […]

1 Seal failure: the main seal there is a slight leakage between the contact surface; fracture, degeneration and hardening; structural design and selection is not appropriate; poor trench processing quality; installation and use is not correct.
2 Seal failure reasons
There is slight leakage between the sealing contact surface, the main reason is that the O-ring hardens and loses its elasticity, and the contact pressure is weakened; the diameter of the sealing ring section is too small or the depth of the groove is too large; the pre-pressing force is not enough.
Fracture failure, the main reason is the ring hardness is too large, lack of flexibility; Nominal diameter is too small, there is tensile stress during installation; section diameter and groove width does not match is the seal medium pressure can not be transmitted through the O-ring to the seal contact Surface: the gap between the sealing surface is too large.