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Method of Checking the Operation of Diesel Engine

Update:21 Jun 2017

Diesel engine cylinder operation can be idle in the fol […]

Diesel engine cylinder operation can be idle in the following way to check:
(1) listening method: with a stethoscope or with metal rods, close to the fuel injector body parts, listen to the sound of the outbreak of the cylinder, the normal sound similar to the metal hit "Dangdang" sound. If only "ho ho" continuous not simply sound, the cylinder is too little or no fire, such as percussion, indicating that the cylinder fuel supply is too large or too early fuel injection.

(2) color method: the diesel engine is working properly, the discharge of the exhaust gas color is light gray, the load is slightly larger. Such as row of black gas, indicating combustible gas combustion is not complete. Row of blue smoke, indicating that the oil into the cylinder combustion. Row of white smoke, then the diesel engine in the water, combustible gas is not burning white smoke. Exhaust pipe continuous discharge of abnormal smoke, indicating that the individual cylinder is not working properly.

(3) temperature method: the initial stage after the start of the diesel engine (working for a period of time after the exhaust pipe temperature is very high, hand touch will burn) hand touch the cylinder exhaust pipe temperature, can identify the cylinder work. If the temperature of the cylinder exhaust pipe is higher than other cylinders, indicating that the cylinder fuel supply is high; if the temperature is low, the cylinder fuel supply is small, or not spray, or after injection is not completely burned or not burned.

(4) pulse method: hand pinch high-pressure tubing, feel the pulse when the pulse, pulsation is small, the sound is weak, low temperature cylinder fuel supply is too small. The outbreak of sound is not normal and the temperature is high for the injector fuel oil drop, fuel spray bad, or can not fire and completely burn. Pulsating large, burst sound strong, high temperature cylinder for the fuel supply is too large. Burst sound is low and the temperature is low for the injector hole or needle valve stuck.

(5) off the oil method: In order to accurately determine which tank is faulty, can cut off the high-pressure tubing to the fuel injector circuit, that is to stop working to observe the changes in diesel engine work. When the cut off a cylinder oil, if the diesel engine speed and sound does not change or change little, indicating that the cylinder is working properly. Such as intermittent knocking cylinder, black smoke, when the cut off a cylinder of oil, the fault disappears, then the fault in the cylinder.log on to our official website for more details :