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Mechanical seal technical requirements

Update:11 Sep 2017

   Seal ring is the ring and the static ring of the gen […]

   Seal ring is the ring and the static ring of the general (the same below), is the main component of the mechanical seal. The sealing ring determines the performance and life of the mechanical seal to a large extent, and therefore makes some demands on it.
   Have sufficient strength and stiffness
   Under working conditions (such as pressure, temperature and sliding speed, etc.) is not damaged, the deformation should be as small as possible, the working conditions can still maintain the sealing. Especially the sealing end to have sufficient strength and a certain degree of corrosion resistance to ensure that the product has a satisfactory service life.
   Have good thermal shock resistance
   To this end, the requirements of the material has a high thermal conductivity and a small linear expansion coefficient, to withstand thermal shock will not crack.
   Small coefficient of friction
   Seal ring matching should have a small coefficient of friction.
   Good self-lubricating
   Work in the event of a short period of dry friction, do not damage the sealed face. Therefore, the seal ring to have a good self-lubricating, sealing ring material and sealing fluid but also a very good wetting.
    Simple structure
   Seal ring structure should be a simple symmetry, give priority to the use of the overall structure, can also be used in combination (such as inlay) seal ring, try to avoid the use of sealed end-face spray structure.
   Seal rings are easy to manufacture
   Installation and maintenance to be convenient, the price should be low.