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Mechanical seal selection method

Update:20 Nov 2017

Mechanical seal according to the operating conditions a […]

Mechanical seal according to the operating conditions and the dielectric autoclave with different mechanical seal quality, high temperature, low temperature mechanical seal, high pressure, corrosion-resistant mechanical seal, mechanical seal resistant particulate media and easy to vaporize light hydrocarbon medium machinery Sealing, etc., should be based on different uses to select different types and types of mechanical seal structure.
Selection of the main parameters are: sealed chamber pressure (MPA), fluid temperature (℃), operating speed (M / S), the fluid properties and sealing device useful space.
The basic principles of selection:
1. According to the pressure of the sealed chamber, concluded that the seal structure selection of balanced or unbalanced type, single-ended or double-ended and so on.
2. According to the operating speed, determine the choice of rotary or stop, hydrodynamic or non-touch type.
3. According to the temperature and fluid properties, determine the conflict deputy and assistant seal information, and accurate selection of smooth, erosion, insulation, cooling and other mechanical seal cycle maintenance system.
4. According to the seal of the device useful space, determine the use of more spring or spring or a single spring or spring, built-in or external.