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Mechanical seal maintenance considerations

Update:08 Jan 2018

Mechanical seal is a sophisticated, complex structure o […]

Mechanical seal is a sophisticated, complex structure of the mechanical basis of one of the components, a variety of pumps, reactive mechanical seal synthesis kettle, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment key components. The sealing performance and service life depends on many factors, such as selection, machine accuracy, the correct installation and use.
Mechanical seal is composed of two sealing elements (static ring and moving ring) perpendicular to the shaft, smooth and mechanical seal straight surface of the mutual fit, and make the relative rotation of the sealing device.
It is by the pressure of the sealing medium in the rotating ring fixed ring contact surface (end surface) to produce the appropriate pressing force, so that the two end face close together to maintain a thin layer of liquid film between the end face to seal Purpose This layer of liquid film with hydrodynamic pressure and static pressure, play a role in lubrication balance.
1, mechanical seal cleaning and inspection
1) check the static and dynamic ring surface scratches, cracks and other defects, the existence of these defects will cause a serious mechanical seal leakage. Conditions can be special tools to check the sealing surface is flat, the sealing surface is not smooth, the pressure water will enter the mechanical and electrical seal assembly seal ring, the static and dynamic separation ring, mechanical seal failure. When necessary, tooling can be made before assembly water pressure test.
2) The working principle of the mechanical seal requires no impurities inside the mechanical seal. Clean the moving ring, stationary ring, bushings and other components thoroughly before assembling the mechanical seal.
3) Check the ring seat there is a defect affecting the seal. Such as static and dynamic ring seat ring with static and dynamic ring surface with defects.
4) Check the mechanical seal compensation spring damage and deformation, whether the stubborn coefficient changes.
5) Check the seal sleeve for burrs, grooves and other defects.
6) Mechanical seal with a pumping mechanism also check the spiral of the screw pump for cracks, broken lines and other defects.
7) Cleaning check all sealing ring for cracks, fissures and other defects, measuring the diameter of the rubber ring is within the tolerance.