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Mechanical seal installation position requirements

Update:04 Sep 2017

   In order to ensure stable operation of the mechanica […]

   In order to ensure stable operation of the mechanical seal, long life and low leakage performance, it is properly installed on the machine is very important. Installation must pay attention to the matter:
   1, parts of the confirmation
   The mechanical seal installed on the machine, the installation should be very good before the assembly with the assembly map to confirm whether the parts are ready, then pay attention to the seal friction seal, seal, etc. with or without scars, defects and other anomalies , But also pay attention to the filler, the ring (O ring) and other contact with the shaft or sleeve surface, flange and other parts with or without scars, if found abnormal phenomenon, you must replace or repair and then use.
   In the actual installation, do not bring the necessary parts to the scene, so that after the installation of spare parts if there is surplus, it is installed when the missing place; if the parts are insufficient, it means that unnecessary parts are assembled On the parts, which also played a role in the installation of self-test.
   (Some people think that a good assembler does not need drawings and other markings, it is wrong.) That he is just a skilled worker is not a good repairman)
   2, the installation location
   The installation method varies with the mechanical seal type and the machine type.