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Mechanical seal device and application requirements

Update:04 Dec 2017

1, mechanical seal on the machine's accuracy request (p […]

1, mechanical seal on the machine's accuracy request (pump mechanical seal, for example)
(1) The radial run-out of the shaft (or sleeve) of the mechanical seal of the device does not exceed 0.04 ~ 0.06MM maximum.
(2) Rotor axial movement does not exceed 0.3MM.
(3) Seal cavity and seal the end cap contact positioning end face of the shaft (or sleeve) the appearance of the maximum beating public service does not exceed 0.04 ~ 0.06MM.
2, The seal of recognition
(1) Recognize that the seal of the device is not common to the type of request.
(2) Before the device to be carefully compared with the assembly diagram, the number of parts is not complete.
(3) Selection and circle spring transmission mechanical seal, the spring left and right spin points, according to the rotation of the shaft to be selected. 4, use
(1) When the transport medium temperature is too high, too low, or impurities particles, flammable, explosive, toxic, it is necessary to take appropriate blocking, scouring, cooling, filtering and Other measures.
(2) Hand crank before work, pay attention to the torque is not too large, there is no rub touch and abnormal sound.
(3) Pay attention to spin, the coupling is not right, the bearing oil lubrication is not appropriate, piping is not accurate.
(4) Before work, first open the medium and cooling water valve, check whether the gas in the sealed chamber is completely discharged, prevent the static pressure from leaking, and then turn on the machine.
(5) After driving, the operation is not normal and stable, whether there is any abnormal torque caused by shaft rolling, abnormal noise and overheating.

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