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Maintenance errors of mechanical seals

Update:31 Jul 2017

   1, the greater the amount of spring compression bett […]

   1, the greater the amount of spring compression better sealing effect. In fact, excessive compression spring, can cause friction and wear sharp, sudden burning; excessive squeeze spring lost conditioning ring face, resulting in seal failure.
   2, the ring seal, the more tight the better. In fact, the ring seal too tight, harmful and unhelpful. Is a wear ring and sleeve, premature leakage; two is to increase the dynamic axial adjustment of the resistance movement, change frequently cannot be timely adjusted in condition; three is the spring fatigue damage; four ring seal is dynamic deformation, the impact of sealing effect.
   3, the static ring seal as tight as possible. Static ring sealing ring is in a stopped situation, relatively strict, sealing effect will be better, but too tight is harmful. One is the static seal due to excessive deformation, affecting sealing effect; two static ring materials with graphite are generally more brittle, excessive stress easily resulting in fragmentation; three is the device, open the difficult, it is easy to damage the static ring.
   4, the impeller lock mother the more tight the better. In mechanical seal leakage, the leakage between shaft sleeve and shaft is quite common. The general thought, inter axis leakage is the impeller not the lock master lock, in fact, the inter axis leakage of many factors, such as axial pad failure, migration, axis there are impurities, large - bit error of shaft and sleeve cooperation, touch surface damage, the components on the axis of a void, head screw long lines will cause inter axis leakage. Lock master lock over the axis pad will only cause premature failure, the opposite lock appropriate closed mother, so that axis has been sticking to the certain elastic pad in the operation of the lock nut, will take the initiative to timely locking, so that axis has been in sealing condition of outburst.
  5 、 the new is better than the old. Relatively speaking, the use of new mechanical seal sealing effect is better than the old, but the new material quality or mechanical seal seal selection time, cooperation scale error is likely to affect the sealing effect; and permeability in the polymerization medium, such as static ring without excessive wear, still more for the better. Because the stationary ring in the static ring seat in a long time in the stop situation, so that the polymer and impurities deposited as a whole, and played a better sealing effect.