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Introduction of mechanical seal equipment

Update:18 Sep 2017

   The mechanical sealing device is an oil seal device […]

   The mechanical sealing device is an oil seal device for a rotating machine, which requires a higher quality of the equipment for the separation of the mechanical seal of the other phase pumps, which is in the form of a pair or a pair of mechanical seal faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation Stress and compensation arrangements for the role of elastic (or magnetic) and the cooperation of the auxiliary seal at the same time in the use of attention should pay attention to what?
1, the equipment shaft of the imported mechanical seal radial runout should be ≤ 0.04 mm, axial printing and dyeing mechanical seal movement is not allowed to more than 0.1 mm;
2, the sealing parts of the equipment should be kept clean in the equipment, sealed parts should be clean, sealed end intact, to prevent the assembly of mechanical seal impurities and dust into the sealed parts;
3, in the equipment process to prohibit the impact, hit, to prevent the mechanical seal against damage and seal failure;
4, the equipment in contact with the appearance of the seal should be coated with a layer of clean mechanical oil in order to smooth the equipment;
5, the device static ring gland, tighten the screws necessary to force evenly to ensure that the static ring and the vertical axis of the vertical line needs;
6, after the device to promote the dynamic ring by hand, can move the ring on the axis of active movement, and a certain degree of flexibility;
7, the device after the hand plate to move the shaft, the shaft should be no heavy feelings;
8, equipment in the operation before the need to fill the media, to prevent interference and make the seal failure.