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Classification of seals

Update:15 Jan 2018

Seals are often seen in our days. No matter industry or […]

Seals are often seen in our days. No matter industry or agriculture, raw industries, service industries, special use mechanical seals can see the use of seals. The following is the classification of seals.
The sealed part is between two mechanical accidental surfaces that need to be sealed. Usually, acid seal pump mechanical seal is based on this accidental surface. When the machine works, there is no relative movement of the mechanical seals. The seal can be divided into two categories: dynamic seal and static seal. In accordance with the seal material, manufacturing method, device planning further dividends not the same class: static seal in non metal static seal (O type sealing ring, rubber gasket, PTFE tape), semi metal seal (combined sealing washer), metal seal (metal gasket), liquid static seal (seal);
A self sealing seal compression type seal (O type sealing ring, ring shaped sealing ring combined seal ring, etc.), self styled self tight seal (U type sealing ring, the combination of U type sealing ring, V type sealing ring, compositionlipped sealing ring, two-way combination of lip seal piston, etc.) the sealing ring (ring), mechanical seal (mechanical seal), seal (rotating skeleton oil seal, high pressure oil seal, seal, seal butter) dust (dust ring, skeleton dust ring).