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Car Seal Maintenance Precautions

Update:19 Jul 2017

   In the car's doors, windows and skylights on the edg […]

   In the car's doors, windows and skylights on the edge, we can easily find the presence of seals. These are not very eyeful of the ring, often the owners in the summer when the car capacity to ignore the problem. As we all know, the car's seals are all. Because it has a glial characteristics of the seal to play a role if the seal long-term exposure, it is prone to aging, cracking, sealing performance will be greatly reduced, not only affect the sound environment inside the car, there will be serious water leakage, water and so on.
    Automobile beauty experts pointed out that to do a good job of sealing the maintenance work, the owners will start from the daily small things to start. The first step is to do a good job sealing ring cleaning work, the owner can every one or two quarters of the seal for a cleaning. Specifically, you can first use a clean wet sponge wipe the slide, the dust on the groove, and then wipe with a dry sponge more than once to keep the seal clean. These operations are quite simple, basically do not have a special car wash shop can be carried out.
    If you use a high pressure water gun in the car wash, be sure not to direct the water on the seal ring spray, or easy to make the seal in the high-pressure water column under the impact of deformation, over time will affect the sealing performance of the seal, the car is also more Easy to enter the water. In addition, the owner also pay attention to the car's parking place. When you need to stay outdoors for a long time, the vehicle should try to avoid direct exposure to the sun in the sun, if possible, it is best to cover some of the car-specific reflective garments to prevent the door, the skylight on the edge of the ring due to heat Deformation and cracking. If it is unavoidable, do not directly through the method of splashing the physical cooling, the greater the temperature difference will often change the internal structure of the seal, resulting in its deformation cracking. In addition, the regular use of rubber maintenance agent on the car to seal the seal, but also allow the seal tape to maintain long-term flexibility.